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Hana Moda curates designer and contemporary brands from around the world with a modest fashion approach to a global audience.

I founded Hana Moda with the idea to smash the stereotype and expand the idea of what modest fashion means. As a modest designer customer, I became frustrated with the fruitless searches, endless scrolling, and wasted time looking for the kind of clothes that I love to wear.

I found there was a huge gulf between what brands and retailers saw as modest, and how I interpreted it in my dress.

I have set out to change that…

I am excited to present you Hana Moda, a one-stop, essential modest Fashion on-line destination that culminates iconic houses, emerging designers, lifestyle brands, high-end jewelry, and accessories. Finally, an enticing
blend of modest clothing handpicked especially for you. We eagerly anticipate your ideas, feedback, and support, to make this into a website we will all connect to. So get ready for some great inspiration and resplendent clothes.

How to Reach Hana Moda

Contact our Customer Care Team

Corporate Address

Hana Moda LLC

3500 S DuPont Highway, Dover Delaware, 19901


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