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Beauty has always been an important focus for De Souza coming from a family where both sisters are skilled makeup artists themselves. Victor has worked with some of the top makeup artists in the world including Kabuki and Francois Nars to make shocking and beautiful images for his shows, letting the makeup stand out amongst his designs.
Cosmetics were a natural transition to be included in his portfolio being that his father was one of
the top chemists in Argentina. Growing up he was exposed to several differ cosmetic formulas in his
household where he and his sisters were happy to test these beauty formulas out.
Being a creature of design, Victor drew from the 1920’s Max Factor packaging which is one of the main inspirations of design using all metal packaging that was smooth and weighty. The upgrade on classic inspiration was the heavy metal spike on the top to add a modern edge resembling a pawn of a chess piece combining classic, contemporary and intellectual design. The lip formula consists of a formula called Hylabubble, exclusive to Victor De Souza Beauty which when Hyaluronic acid is trapped in micro-bubbles and released when lips are pressed together. This action replenishes moisture and re-deposits color to the lip area. This attracts and holds up to 1800 times its own weight in water, to fill in the space between collagen and elastin fibers.

The lipsticks are available in three different formulas which were created to match the color with its perfect finish: PRISMATIC L ipstick has extra moisture and shine, SATIN L ipstick, for the most sensitive lips with a true lip finish, and MATTE L ipstick, for a moisture intense matte lip. Colors: Prismatic L ipstick – L iquid Sky, Doom Generation. Satin L ipstick – Stage Fright, Mysterious Skin. Matte L ipstick – Female Trouble, The Hunger, Raspberry Reich.


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